Staff & Leaders


Chen Yong Khiaw

Church Accounts

Yong Khiaw keeps the church on track with her attention to detail with the church accounting. We’d be lost without her!

Rosalind Choo

Worship & Administrative Support

Rosalind is known around the church office for her lively personality and sense of humor. Aside from serving as administrative and worship support, she can often be found greeting people at the information counter.

Daniel Lee


Daniel is active in prison ministries as well as care groups. You’ll find him regularly tutoring incarcerated youth.

Tony Lee

Church Administrator

Tony is a seasoned veteran of church work, missions, and business. His passion remains overseas missions and when he’s not in the office he’ll likely be found among full time missionaries serving in the various parts of Asia.

Joevan Lim

Admin Assistant

Joevan works in administration and you’ll often find him preparing all the behind the scenes details for the Sunday services. He likes singing with the worship band and can sometimes be spotted on stage with other singers on Sunday mornings. He’s also quite the movie buff!

Desmond Lim

Assistant Administrator

Desmond brings a welcome smile and handshake to our worshippers as an usher. He is passionate about bible study and being a mentor to our young adults. He is glad to be part of the church office team which works effectively behind the scenes to ensure that each church service and activity is well planned, coordinated and executed.

Elders & Deacons

Alick Chia


Alick is technically retired, but that doesn’t keep him from traveling for consultancy in China. He’s just as active in church having been a Sunday School teacher and served in a variety of ministries over the years. Currently he serves as a care group leader and also leads the Abundant Life ministry for seniors.

Timothy Chua


Timothy is a care group mentor and is regularly involved with the worship ministry.

Janice Chuang


Janice is known for being gentle and approachable. She works with our youth and young adults because she has a deep desire to see young people grow deeper in love with God.

Goh Keng Ngian


You’re bound to hear “how do you do, I’m Keng Ngian…” and offered a friendly handshake if you are feeling new and out of place visiting Hope. He has a passion for God’s work and is involved in HR, Alpha courses, and care groups.

Vincent Goh


It’s hard to walk into Hope Presbyterian Church for the first time without Vincent noticing and introducing himself. Vincent has a gift for making people feel welcomed and included. He’s also highly involved in making sure the the care group ministries run smoothly.

Kong Li Choo


A former school teacher, Li Choo continues to use her teaching gifts to impact children through Hope Presbyterian Church’s children’s ministry.

Joshua Lee Wern-Chian

Elder - EDC Clerk

Joshua is currently the youngest Elder, having been elected this year.  He often hosts his care group in his home, and can be spotted playing the piano while his wife Lyndis leads worship during Sunday services. He enjoys singing with the choir, and is trying very hard to be a better bass singer.

Joshua Lee Shaowen


Joshua is an active member of Hope PC, and has “grown up” from within this community of faith. He serves as a worship ministry member, as a youth leader and cell group leader in Powerhouse+. He is a doctor by profession and is a clinical tutor for NUS medical school at TTSH. Joshua believes passionately that ministry extends beyond the four walls of the church; he serves as an advisory physician for Serving In Mission (SIM), providing medical advice to missionaries entering the field, and is a mentor to Christian Fellowship groups at NTU and NUS. Joshua desires to serve the Church during a difficult time of transition, thus seeking a term as a deacon. He is engaged to Amanda Chong

Claire Lim


Claire grew up in Hope, she’s an accountant and serves with the finance committee. She has a heart for missions and has made numerous trips to the Philippines. She also enjoys singing in the worship ministry.

David Seow

Elder - Treasurer

Aside from being treasurer, David is involved in worship ministries and will regularly be seen arranging worship schedules or climbing in to play the guitar himself! He has a heart for newcomers and often introduces himself when he sees them.

Rev. Dr. William Wan

Pastor Emeritus

William Wan is a former senior minister at Hope Presbyterian Church and currently the General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement. He regularly steps in to preach Sunday sermons.

Wong Soong Kuan

Elder - Acting Chairman

Soong Kuan is known for his sense of humor and friendliness. He has a passion for Christian education whether it be with adults or youth, because he firmly believes in transformation by the renewing of our minds as a key element to spiritual growth.