Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I was a member of a small group who called ourselves the “Care Corner.” (Now “Care Corner” has become a registered charity organization in Singapore.) We were just a bunch of young working adults who were committed to love and care for one another. In other words, we ‘minded one another’s business.’

Whenever we gathered together, we would always include in our agenda a time of Worship (praise and adoration of God); of Warmth (sharing and praying for one another); of Word (in-depth study of the Bible) and of Work or Witness (sharing the vision to reach out to those in need of Christ). We shared our vision regularly because the Lord had impressed upon our hearts the need to reach out. As someone put it, “If we don’t evangelize, we will fossilize.”

We took God and His Word seriously. Soon the Lord opened our eyes and made us aware of ministry opportunities in two areas in Singapore—the Telok Blangah estate and our individual place of work (i.e. our colleagues). We started praying regularly for Telok Blangah estate residents and our colleagues by name.

We started the “Friendship Groups” whereby we invited residents from Telok Blangah estate and our colleagues to sign up and participate in our “Friendship Group” activities which was held once a week. Many came with a sincere desire to learn how to play the guitar and to make friends. So that was what we did—we befriended our friends and made them feel welcome, special, and by taking a personal interest in their lives.

To make the long story short, after a year or two, by God’s grace and mercy, many of our non-Christian friends came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour. Many of them testified that there was “something special,” “something meaningful” in the community of “Care Corner” that caused them to hunger for, to yearn for and eventually to consider Christ. That “something” was love, acceptance, peace, joy, unity, a meaningful life and a sense of purpose!

“Community Friendship” is a very powerful strategy of outreach. “Community Friendship” can wield a powerful impact on our non-Christian friends’ lives. Many people out there in the world are yearning in silence, for the kind of community life we experience in Christ. Why not give them a chance to come and experience it? I do want to encourage all the Care Groups to include “Community Friendship” Outreach as one of your visions and share it as you meet together each time. God bless!